Terra Solis



Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not.

Terra Solis is a Desert Destination, located in Dubai. You can choose to spend the night at Terra Solis, relax by the pool during the day, or just pass by for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Mesa Terrace.

Yes, you can.

You’re more than welcome to visit Terra Solis and enjoy the pool scene, exclusive events, or dine at Mesa Terrace. Choose ‘Book your day’ in the booking screen or call to reserve your spot.

By car, Uber or a taxi.

Terra Solis is a 30 min drive from DXB airport, located at the Dubai Heritage Vision, on Lehbab Road.

Yes, you can.

For more information, please contact: reservations@terrasolisdubai.com

You need to be 21 years old.

As Terra Solis is an adult-only venue.

Terra Solis is open every day of the week.

Pool opens at 10.00 am for our day visitors and closes when the sun sets over Terra Solis.

Of course.

Tomorrowland & local DJs will entertain you on weekdays during the day at the pool, and on weekends during the night at events.
Keep an eye on social media and website for weekly pool offers and upcoming events.

Breakfast and sunlounger are always included.

Other amenities are available depending on which lodge or tent you book.
Please refer to the Glamping page on the website for more details.

Unfortunately not.

Your reservation doesn’t give you a ticket to Tomorrowland Festival. However, it grants you complimentary access to the event on the same night at Terra Solis Dubai.

No, you don't.

You get complimentary access to the event at night once you book a pool pass, table at Mesa Terrace, or a night stay.

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